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"We were too active for Florida.."

Read this client's story about their selling experience with The Encore! Realty Services team and what advice they have for you.


What were you looking for in a real estate agent?

I was looking for someone who did NOT belong to one of the big firms. I wanted a personable experience with an agent who cared.

Why Encore! Realty Services?

Jan is very particular and read dozens of reviews until she found Paula. Once she found her, she knew Paula was on the one based on her caring behavior. She took the time for the little things. 

"Paula got my home SOLD in under 2 weeks!"

What Stuck Out To You?

When I saw how she ran her team and how everyone was dedicated to the sale, that really sold me. They even brought the administration person out to see our house, and that was key. When the buyer's agent insisted we needed to pay for a new sea wall, we almost backed out of the sale and Paula was there while we were out of town to hold it all together.

How Was Encore! Realty Services Different?

They were all so supportive and involved. They put in extra effort which helped build trust.

How does Encore! Realty Services sell homes?

Encore! provides a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to sell your home. The approach includes professional photography, advice on repairs and staging, Facebook advertising, email marketing, and more.

Our Client's Advice to You

Jan insists you do a market analysis so you know the market is in your favor. She also says trust and faith in your Realtor is a must. "f you're going to argue with them, get out." Always ask yourself if they are working towards your goal with you. That is the key.

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